Wow! That was the most emotionally heart felt meditation I have ever experienced. As soon as you guided me to focus on my heart my whole body opened up to receive the healing. I was taken on a magical journey that has completely shifted my reality and given me so much expansion and clarity. Magical. Gosh I just received so much LOVE it’s overwhelmingly awesome!! Everyone needs to listen to this Feel-isation!

Brooke Alexander

Purpose Coach and Mentor

Wow what a fully embodied experience!!! The ‘Feel-isation’ mediation had me quickly & gracefully connect back to my soul, and to the infinite source of love within me. I was moved to tears – happy tears – feeling such a beautiful, strong connection to my soul and the love within. Carlee’s soothing voice takes you on a beautiful healing journey of the heart and soul. What a gift you have given us! If you find visualisations challenging or want to experience connecting at a whole other level then this is your answer I can’t recommend Carlee’s meditations highly enough. Thank you Carlee x

Jacinda Meiklejohn

Change Catalyst

Listening to one of Carlee’s serenely guided Feel-isations allowed me to connect to my body, heart and soul in such a beautiful and powerful way. The first time I listened I was moved on such a deep level that my heart swelled and I dropped into a place of total peace. For anyone who struggles to get out of their head – these meditations will have you connecting with and feeling from your heart!

Sabina Lawrence

Wealth + Success Mindset Coach

I needed a few hours to soak it all up before I could explain it… The words that came out when I sent your links to my girl friends was “it was like having a conversation with Mother Nature, and she was really there with you“. I don’t know what it is in there, but the connection was well and truly felt and I’m guessing that’s what is bringing them (the other laidies) to tears!!! Amazing Carlee. Hands down the most enjoyable and deep guided meditation I’ve listened to.

Before I hit play I was drawn outside to the ground (I’d planned to sit in my room where I like the energy) and was laying on the grass and it was an epic 15 minute meditation. And I’ve only listened to ONE of them!!! Xxx


Sydney, Australia

I have just finished listening to one of the Feel-isation meditations and I loved it! As a medical doctor I loved that I felt so calm, relaxed and peaceful afterwards– very important in our busy and hectic world! As a shamanic healer, I felt the connection to Grandmother Tree in the rainforest – I felt my heart chakra expand as we merged energies and I opened myself up to her healing and wisdom. I know I will be able to tap into this energy at any time and the thought makes me smile. I highly recommend this Feel-isation! x

Dr Danielle Arabena

GP + Shamanic Healer