Ever had that feeling where you ‘just know’ something is going to happen, or that you should do something, but you don’t know why? There is no logical reason why you should or could know it… you just do.

THAT is Claircognizance.

Your inner knowing.

It’s your intuition guiding you.

Want to find out more about it and Clairsentience then make sure you watch today’s episode!

Also, if you have been following me on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope or Instagram recently you would have heard me talking about an exciting new product I have been developing behind the scenes.
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+ What Claircognizance is.
+ What Clairsentience is.
+ Why they are important.
+ How you can develop them.
+ Who has the ability to be Clairsentient + Claircognizant.
+ An introduction to my new products that will help you develop these two abilities. (Launching Friday August 14th!)


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