These meditations didn’t come from my head.

I didn’t think them into existence.

They aren’t even ‘my’ work.

They have been channelled from a source far greater than I.

They aren’t visualisations… they are Feel-Isations.

Their purpose is to get you out of your head… and down into your heart.

Their purpose is to guide you into your heart space and hear your soul.

Their purpose is to remind you what it means to truly FEEL.

With every cell of your body.

Because perhaps you have forgotten.

Perhaps you live so much up in your head… that you have forgotten what it means to FEEL into your body.

You used to do it.

All the time.

When you were a child that was how you lived your life.

But then… over time… things happened and all of a sudden you no longer felt safe to FEEL with your body.

The world showed you experiences that your tiny little body didn’t know how to process properly because you had never been told that you were ok.

Adults (and children) lying to you. Often with the most pure of intentions.

But you knew.

You knew they were lying, even if you consciously didn’t register it.

But your body knew.

And you didn’t listen to what your body was telling you.

You didn’t believe it.

You trusted them.

They wouldn’t lie to you…. that’s what your head told you.

But your heart knew.

So little by little your body started to shut down.

And you stopped feeling so much.

Because sometimes feeling hurt.

And you didn’t know how to process it.

But now you are an adult.

Now you know that it’s ok to sometimes feel pain, and sadness and all the spectrums of emotion.

None of them are bad.

All of them serve a purpose.

And now it’s safe for you to start feeling again.

To start trusting in those sensations that signal to you those messages.

You are ready to listen.

And in order to do that… you need to start connecting through your heart again.

You have to get out of your head.

You have to start living life through your heart.

Guided by your soul.

Because your soul knows.

Your soul knows that you are perfect.

And your soul knows that you are pure unconditional love.

Your head has just forgotten.

Your head tells you that you’re not.

Your head tells you to feel fear.

Your head tells you that your not enough.

Your heart tells you you ARE enough.

Your heart tells you that you have all the answers you need inside of you.

Your heart tells you that all you have to do is start listening.

Your heart has all the answers.

You just have to open up to her.

To feel her messages.

To listen to her.

She is speaking to you in every moment of every day.

And all she wishes is for you to hear her.

You’ve got this.


You just have the remember how to BE love.

Feel-Isations guide you back to love.

They guide you back into your heart.

They connect you with mother earth.

They allow you to feel the Earth’s heart beat.

They allow you to EXPERIENCE the truth of who you really are.


Peace. Love. Harmony.

If you want to check out my Feel-Isation meditations you can find them here


Have you tried out a ‘Feel-Isation’ Meditation yet? I guarantee you, they are unlike any guided meditation you have ever experienced before. If you have, I would love to hear your experience with them in the comments below xx