Do you ever suffer from ‘Comparisonitis’?

I know I have. A lot!

It doesn’t just have to be on your ‘Spiritual’ journey… it can happen in any aspect of your life.

In today’s Episode of ‘Cosmic ConsciousnessTV’  I am sharing three tips that I have used when I have ‘come down’ with this dreaded lurgy. Comparisonitis doesn’t serve anyone.

It brings your vibration down, and leaves you feeling ‘less than’ – which is not a feeling we want to be cultivating in our lives!



In This Episode I share:
+ My number one piece of ‘Spiritual Wisdom’ that I remind myself of, when I am comparing myself to others.
+ The rule I follow when something is coming into my awareness.
+ And my favourite tip of all time (which you have probably heard before – but it’s a message you can NEVER hear too many times!)

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Do you suffer from ‘Comparisonitis’? I wold love to hear how you deal with it in the comments below!