Living life from the heart is no easy feat.

It’s takes courage, it takes commitment, and it’s takes radical honesty.

With yourself + the rest of the world.

There are many people who claim to live a Soul led life + yet they are constantly living from their heads.

In today’s episode I am sharing 3 signs that you are living life from your head and NOT your heart.

You don’t have to tick all 3 boxes.. even if you are doing just one of these – it’s a sure sign you need to come back down into your heart!

It really is the only way to live if you want to feel peace, love and harmony in your life.



+ 3 Sure signs that you are spending too much time up in your head.

+ The good news about this.

+ What it means to be living from your head and not your heart.


Now, it’s your turn ::


Did any of these 3 signs ring true for you?

Are you living life from your heart or your head? I would love to hear in the comments below.


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