I’m on a mission to help women, just like you who are ready to live a life that is outside of the box.

Who are ready to say NO to the Status Quo.

I am a Messenger. A way show-er.

Inspiring you to live in alignment with your Soul, living a life of love and purpose… while gently guiding you back to the truth of who you really are.

You were not put on Earth to live a life that you’re not wildly in love with! If something feel’s off…. It’s because it is.

And now is the time to come back into complete alignment.

To forget about the Nay-sayer’s and start living the life you were born to live.

“It’s time to stop living from your head…

And start living from your HEART.”

Are you ready?

A Little Note On Feel-Isations…

These meditations didn’t come from my head.

I didn’t think them into existence.

They aren’t even ‘my’ work.

They have been channelled from a source far greater than I.

They aren’t visualisations… they are Feel-Isations.

Their purpose is to get you out of your head… and down into your heart.

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Claircognizance + Clairsentience…. What Is It?

Ever had that feeling where you ‘just know’ something is going to happen, or that you should do something, but you don’t know why? There is no logical reason why you should or could know it… you just do.

THAT is Claircognizance.

Your inner knowing.

It’s your intuition guiding you…

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We Are Energy

Have you ever wondered what your true nature is?

If you have, and you’re not quite sure of the answer… then this episode is for you!
We are made up of energy.
Science has proven it, and in today’s episode I talk about why I think it’s important.

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How I Live A Stress Free Life + How You Can Too!

Are you a stresser?

If so, then todays episode is for YOU!
I used to be a stresser too. I used to worry about EVERYTHING!
These days… not so much! Shitty days – yep, I have em’… but I certainly don’t stress anymore.
And I want to share with you my little secret.

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3 Signs You Need To Start Saying NO To The Status Quo!

Well, it’s that time of the week again! And I am so excited to be bringing you this weeks episode of Cosmic ConsciousnessTV – It’s something I’m pretty passionate about!

Before I share anymore I want to ask you a few questions…

Are you feeling frustrated with your life?

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3Tips For Dealing With Spiritual Comparisonitis

Do you ever suffer from ‘Comparisonitis’?
I know I have. A lot!
It doesn’t just have to be on your ‘Spiritual’ journey… it can happen in any aspect of your life. In today’s Episode of ‘Cosmic ConsciousnessTV’  I am sharing three tips…

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